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Student Class Absence Notifications

Many students encounter situations that are unexpected and may interrupt their ability to attend classes.  Whether it is a severe illness, hospitalization, death in the family, or other critical incident, in most cases, students plan to resume class attendance as soon as they are able.  In these situations, the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS), when requested and as a courtesy to a student, can send a notification to course instructors making them aware of a student’s absence. 

To request a class absence notification, students or family members can contact our office during regular business hours. We typically require documentation supporting the absence before sending a notification. Depending on the nature of the absence, an ODOS staff member may also follow-up with a student for on-going support.
It is important to note that course instructors make the ultimate decision regarding excusing absences in their classes. Students are advised to consult their course syllabus and contact their individual instructor to obtain information on how absences will be handled for each class or to discuss the possibility for make up work. For more information about the University’s class attendance policy, you might consult Academic Advising and / or Undergraduate Bulletin.