Student Affairs - Fostering Student Learning and Success

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Please take a moment to browse through and familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures administered through the Office of the Dean of Students. It is every student's responsibility to be familiar with all relevant University Policies and Procedures.

  • Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee Policy and Procedures- The Chancellors of the University have delegated a portion of their authority in matters of student discipline to a student judicial system that functions in accordance with The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance. From time to time, however, the University is faced with situations involving behavior students that require a University response because they pose some danger to the University and/or its processes but that are not cognizable under the Instrument. Occasionally emergency situations arise in connection with student behaviors, which require a faster response than the student judicial system's procedures can provide. To address all of these situations and to fulfill the University's obligation to provide a safe campus, the Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee has been established.
  • Instrument of Student Judicial Governance (Instrument)  -Commonly referred to as the "Honor Code", the Instrument outlines the standards of behavior for students.  The Instrument is adopted in furtherance of the University community’s shared commitment to the pursuit of truth, and the dissemination of knowledge to succeeding generations of citizens devoted to the high ideals of personal honor and respect for the rights of others.

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