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Interfaith Resources

The Office of the Dean of Students aims to educate and support all students, faculty, and staff in the areas of religious pluralism and interfaith cooperation on campus.

Our Values

  • Religious Pluralism (adapted from for one's own identity and the identity of others, developing mutually inspiring relationships, and coming together for the common good with a common action.To us, this means learning about religions and philosophies of the world, listening to and learning from one another's stories, being open to and allowing for others' perspectives and histories to shape our ideas, and then finally coming together and taking action to positively impact those around us.
  • Resources and Support: Provide resources and support for students, faculty, and staff in the area relating to religious pluralism and interfaith awareness. These take the form of online resources, seminars, tips for classroom management, conversations, referrals, reading materials, programs, presentations, trainings, speakers and other events.
  • Identity Development: Supporting and providing resources for our students, faculty, and staff as they gain an understanding of themselves and others while learning about religions and philosophies of the world.