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Student Organizations

The following student organizations, in addition to 600+ other clubs on campus, may be of particular interest to our Student Veterans:

  • Carolina Veterans Organization: The Carolina Veterans’ Organization recognizes all undergraduate and graduate veteran students and their families. We strive to encourage and promote their integration both academically and socially into the UNC-Chapel Hill community. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for veteran students to: meet and socialize with other UNC-Chapel Hill students, get involved in campus life, receive counseling both academically and personally, and make the most of their Chapel Hill experience while giving back to the community. CVO also serves as an advocate for student veteran awareness and accommodations across the University.
  • Veterans Advocacy Legal Organization (VALOR): Veterans Advocacy Legal Organization (VALOR) is a student group at the UNC School of Law that will offer pro bono legal services to Veterans, assisting them in securing the military benefits which their prior service for our country entitles them to. The objective of our organization is two-fold: first, to provide pro bono legal services to Veterans; second, to educate the Carolina Law student body on legal issues that affect Veterans and their families. 
  • Kenan-Flagler Military Veterans Club: The Military Veterans Club is an organization for military and government service veterans and those who support them.  We exist to provide outreach and advice to service members who are MBA applicants, transition and professional assistance for currently enrolled veterans, and networking and camaraderie for all veteran students of not only UNC Kenan-Flagler but the UNC community in general.
  • Military Dental Student Organization: The Military Dental Student Association is the organization that supports and recognizes our nation’s heroes in the growing dental arena. To mentor students and benefit the community, the Military Dental Student Association has a 3-fold goal: To provide a support network to military dental students, dependents, and veterans; To provide information to those interested in military service and military dentistry to include opportunities in Reserve and National Guard; To provide liaison between the Raleigh tri-service medical recruiters and the UNC School of Dentistry.